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The SPAZIOLOG started its activities in 2007, providing 1,700 m²

With the integrated logistics solutions SPAZIOLOG has become a logistics operator specialized in the following activities:

In order to develop projects, SPAZIOLOG uses all its knowledge and solutions. Thus, the projects focus on logistics solution using special equipment handling and transportation available in the market, customization of information systems applied to logistics etc.
Aware that Technology of Information is critical to the speed and efficiency of a logistics operator, SPAZIOLOG has concentrated its investments in management systems (ERP, TMS and WMAS), tools and equipment with high tecnology, process management and services.
In order to maintain an excellence in service, SPAZIOLOG uses methods that enable effective management of the activities performed to impove internal processes.
Therefore, SPAZIOLOG is available to offer the most suitable solution to your needs.

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